Legacy Codes


Legacy codes is always an intimidating topic for engineers. Nobody would be happy to receive or maintain legacy codes. What’s legacy codes anyway? And what’s supposed to do with legacy codes?

Shall we git push origin -D master? Shall we rewrite it? Find out more in the presentation below.

Devops – Culture


Some of us, when talking about Devops, will say that DevOps is about a role who manage or create tools that automates things e.g. CI/CD. But another people will see that Devops is about culture.

At ChefConf 2015, Adam Jacobs delivered a great presentation about Devops titled Chef Style Devops Kungfu. This presentation talked about Devops movement, Devops definition and building Devops practice through repetition and skill development.

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Culture Test


A few years ago, Joel Spolsky created a test to measure how good software development team. Many engineers or companies use this test to evaluate quality of software development team or company to work for. Some companies also use this test to assess their own software development quality and determine to-be-improved area.

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