Devops – Culture


Some of us, when talking about Devops, will say that DevOps is about a role who manage or create tools that automates things e.g. CI/CD. But another people will see that Devops is about culture.

At ChefConf 2015, Adam Jacobs delivered a great presentation about Devops titled Chef Style Devops Kungfu. This presentation talked about Devops movement, Devops definition and building Devops practice through repetition and skill development.

DevOps can be described as a professional and cultural movement. It broadened the view of business practitioners that each person in the business ( marketing, developers, growth hackers, you name it! ) has the same goal in the business. We might have different method to achieve things of different smaller goals, but we have similar macro goal to make our business successful and our company awesome.

DevOps tries to break down silos or barriers between departments ( usually happened in corporates ) to foster better collaboration. Software engineers work alongside the designers and product guys to get a clearer view and similar understanding about the goals/features to-be achieved and move faster in iterative and continuous feature releases.

DevOps itself, although famous that it’s uses a lot of tools, is not tools-focused. It focused on using the right tools to facilitate achieve the cultural goals.

Devops might have a different applications in different teams or different companies. We’ll recognize whether they implement devops from their stories and implementation in day-to-day work. It will have the similar forms and principles as the basic.

Have we follow Devops values in Onebit? Not yet, but we’re going through that direction. ( We tend to be late adopters :P )

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