Mobile Apps Constraints


As a mobile software engineer, we must develop mobile apps that has these capabilities:

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Efficient and effective.
  3. Storage and memory friendly.

So what should we do in order to meet those requirements in our apps? Here we give you some tips.

Think about our User Experience (UX)

We want our apps to be used by peoples. So what do you think that your apps must be used by peoples? First think to think is the user experience. User experience isn’t about the looks of our apps. It’s something natural that only people can feel it after using our apps.

Focused Usability

Unlike desktop or web apps, mobile apps needs a purpose. It’s to serve or help people with some kind of focused task that can be done with a smartphone. Just focus with our apps’ main purpose because it will keep your apps simple and focused. Simple and focused apps means it can help your user in effective and efficient way.

Keep your asset small

One thing that make our apps large is asset. We must be concerned about that because it will affect our application size. Keep our asset simple means we must use few asset as possible. If possible we can use bold color usage like in Material Design to make simple but elegant and meaningful.

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